baishizhou: withering practices

The process of uprooting the northern section of Baishizhou has begun through withering practices–the removal of social nutrients in order to promote razing and evacuations as inevitable, necessary, desired. Continue reading

shenzhen place name website

So yes, there’s a website dedicated to Shenzhen place names as well as associated re/developments. Check it out at 深圳地名网.

identity card politics

So today a return to a theme near and dear to my heart: satirical text messages, or as we have now stopped texting and use WeChat, satirical blog posts that are forwarded via WeChat. This time, the Op-Ed piece, “We were never Chinese citizens, just Chinese people who live on the Mainland (原来我们都不是中国国民!只是居住在大陆的中国人!) has caught my attention. Inquiring minds want to know, what’s up with that? Continue reading

society and space open access highlight papers updated

Mary Ann O'Donnell:

Contextualize what’s happening in Shenzhen with respect to cities elsewhere. Love open source, wish the scholarship was as easily accessible–hee!

Originally posted on Society and space:

The ‘highlights’ section of the Environment and Planning D: Society and Space website has been updated. The following recent papers are now available open access:

On the peripheries of planetary urbanization: globalizing Manaus and its expanding impact 32(6) 1071 – 1087 Juan Miguel Kanai

Botanical decolonization: rethinking native plants 32(2) 363 – 380 Tomaz Mastnak, Julia Elyachar, Tom Boellstorff

The right to infrastructure: a prototype for open source urbanism 32(2) 342 – 362 Alberto Corsín Jiménez

Agency, affect, and the immunological politics of disaster resilience 32(2) 240 – 256 Kevin Grove

Dissolving city, planetary metamorphosis 32(2) 203 – 205 Henri Lefebvre [translated by Laurent Corroyer, Marianne Potvin, Neil Brenner]

What is a destituent power? 32(1) 65 – 74 Giorgio Agamben G [translated by Stephanie Wakefield]

A new urban dispositif? Governing life in an age of climate change 32(1) 49 – 64 Bruce P Braun

Feminicidio, narcoviolence, and gentrification in Ciudad…

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landlord dreaming, or affordable housing III

So yes, it seems that affordable housing problems are not simply escalating, but also creating new market niches. Recently on the subway, I pick up a leaflet advertising condominiums for sale in Shenzhen East, out near Dachong. The catch? The developers weren’t targeting single families who are buying their first home or even trading up for bigger and better, but rather the developers are targeting potential landlords. From the copy:

Exquisitely designed hotel apartments, 5 years guarrentied rent, as soon as you buy you can start collecting rent.

conspicuous construction

It turns out there’s a word for the ongoing architecture of inequality: conspicuous construction.


affordable housing II: more on dormitories

Yesterday I was talking with a tourist destination designer from the Tourism Division of OCT. He explained that each themepark hires approximately 1,000 workers who are housed in dedicated buildings in OCT holdings. From the mid-eighties through the mid 90s, these apartments were allocated to single workers in OCT management. However, as they moved into larger apartments, which they bought through housing reform policies, the use of the dormitories changed. As did living densities. Continue reading