Urban Villages

I have documentedanalyzed, and lived the changing definitions of SZ urban villages for many years now. These insights inspired a series of interventions at Handshake 302. I have also completed a 5-part essay, Laying Siege to the Villages.Most recently, I have periodized my thoughts about the history of urban villages in the essay, The End of An Era?: Two Decades of Shenzhen Urban Villages. Clicking urban village and rural urbanization brings up more recent posts.

Baishizhou or the city that isn’t a city, the village that isn’t a village.

Caiwuwei, site of CCP headquarters during Mao era.

Gangxia or vexed negotiations of villagehood.

Guankou just outside the old Nantou Yaman.

Langxin where the old linger.

Shawei and the three r’s of urban development.

Shazui, where one of the few temples to Hongsheng (洪圣) in the area.

Shuiwei for early observations on the urban village renewal program.

Tianmian, where I lived and worked for several years.

FYI: Justification for the village renovation movement and a critique of American views about urban villages.

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