I have observed, participated in, and commented on education in Shenzhen for the past ten years. Below are posts, where I have explained and speculated about that experience.

Generation 90 introduces Shenzhen’s current cohort of middle and high school students.

Rumors I’ve heard about how much Shenzhen parents are willing to pay for their child’s education.

The different moral conundrums that American and Chinese students face.

A fieldtrip to instill higher moral values in the hearts of Generation 90 students.

The cultural work of tests in Shenzhen.

Briefing on how the Shenzhen zhongkao operates.

Three character sutra looks at new forms of home schooling among neo-confucianists.

Classical Shenzhen introduces the City’s neo-confucianist education movement.

Yuanling neighborhood, where guaranteed attendance in one of the city’s top schools drives housing prices.

How education has impacted Shenzhen’s hukou debates.

How unequal access to education is culturally and politically justified.

And my riff on the gaokao blues.

Clicking education in the tag cloud brings up more speculation about how Shenzhen is preparing the next generation of Chinese citizens.

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