Wandering Macau’s Historic Center

Macau’s historic center presents us a fundamental conundrum. On the one hand, it’s Qing / Republican China meets Portugal spaces charm and entice; I find these older spaces beautiful in ways that the city’s casinos and glass towers are not. On the other hand, these spaces manifest colonial legacies; the East India Company’s cemetery and crucified Jesuses that adorn the Portuguese churches give visceral form to the foundational violence of the contemporary world system. Impressions of world heritage, below:

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who’s the intended audience of shekou’s colonial nostalgia?

The new publicity campaign for the Shekou line is advertising recent renovations. The look is high-end water color, with disconcerting images. It seems the intended audience is nostalgic for colonial times. But that would be westerners, no? Perhaps, the intended audience finds colonial westerners more civilized than the area’s actual foreign residents? Thus, the point is to attract a certain type of foreigners who in turn become a tourist attraction for neidi Chinese visiting Shekou? I’m confused.