reports from caiwuwei

The research division of Urbanus has sponsored Fu Na and Chris Gee’s research in Caiwuwei these past three years. Just recently, they released three videos that take viewers on walks through what remains of Caiwuwei. Of note: Caiwuwei has been upgraded and polished into an exemplar of the potential of high density living that can be created through appropriations of handshake buildings. So commercial opportunities and low-cost conveniently located housing, with minimal investment in public spaces and amenities. Links:


对话城中村_Conversations with the Urban Village

蔡屋围24小时 / Caiwuwei 24 Hours

handshake 302 is on the map!

We’ve been included on the Fringe Urbanism [2013 UABB*HK Exhibition] map by Chris Gee and his collaborators. To check out the edgy contexts of alternative urbanizations in the region click link below the map. Yeah!