thinking about what it means that Shenzhen must needs be constantly renewed…

Yes, this is another happy collaboration with Jonathan Bach. Chapter from Neue Städte: Vom Project Der Moderne Our Authentisierung, ed. by Andreas Ludwig.

3 thoughts on “thinking about what it means that Shenzhen must needs be constantly renewed…

  1. Hello Mary Ann,

    I am a PhD student in architecture with the topic of informal architectural practice. When I explored the internet I found projects of Handshake302 about the Baishizhou urban village, which was fascinating because my research area is Baishizhou as well.

    I found that Handshake 302 already move to Xiasha due to the redevelopment project of Baishizhou, it still will be great if you would like to have an online meeting or just discussions via email with me.

    Recently I began to work on handshake-building types and differential spaces made by ordinary people (mainly villagers and tenants), so I plan back to China and do some mapping, photographing, filming and interview work. Maybe we can meet each other in person in the future, or if you need someone to participate in projects of Handshake302 I will be so happy to be there.

    If you have interest I would happy to share my study with you too.

    • Hi Yulei, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, let’s talk. You can contact me through we chat at: mary_ann_odonnell

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