baishizhou demolition scheduled

The demolition of the Shahe Industrial Park, Baishizhou (located west of Shahe Road) has been scheduled for April 30, 2016. The six-story factories are owned and managed by Shahe Enterprises and occupied by mid-size business owners. This area is the easiest to raze because it has a single property owner.

The image is from the ongoing “Don’t Raze Baishizhou Photography Exhibition” which meets every Saturday to photography Baishizhou’s residents and garner attention for the call for more equitable redevelopment.

3 thoughts on “baishizhou demolition scheduled

  1. Hi Mary Ann — I’m a journalist in the UK keen to talk to you about Shenzhen but struggling to find an email address for you. Could you email me at: claire [at] tcij [dot] org? Many thanks!

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