paper crane tea #4 online!

This edition of Paper Crane, Animal City Rights looks at how abandoned cats and dogs are treated in Shenzhen, including the efforts of SZCat, a community organization that actively promotes animal welfare. In fact, just yesterday, CZCat protested at the Futian hospital because a security guard had abused an abandoned cat. The episode was recorded but the administration ignored it. So SZCat occupied the SARS monument plaza in front of the hospital, generating TV coverage of the plight of abandoned pets and urban feral cats.

2 thoughts on “paper crane tea #4 online!

  1. I got my dog from Judy, a woman who rescues dogs in Shekou, so this topic is interesting to me. I also teach at Shenzhen Polytechnic University…as for my students, they seem unilaterally opposed to eating dogs and horrified by the ill-treatment of animals. This is such an interesting group. Is there a way for people to join?

    • Hi Rose, yes it’s easy to join SZCat, just go to the website. Or, if you email me your weixin address I will send the contact info for the head of the Shenzhen chapter. There is also a group that helps dogs if you’d prefer.

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