shenzhen administrative districts

Useful maps of Shenzhen administrative divisions online here. Includes municipal and district maps.

this day in history…

The Shenzhen Archive Information Web (深圳档案信息网) has been uploading monthly records of important Shenzhen matters (深圳大事记). Years 2002 through 2009 have been uploaded and it is possible to learn that ten years ago, on Feb 27, 2003, the Shenzhen City Two Meetings (两会) opened. The digital archive journal (电子期刊) is also online, offering insight into how archival history stregthens the nation and other ideological positioning. In turn, these reports contextualize website articles on Shenzhen history, such as interpretations of the Sanzhoutian Uprising (解读三洲田起义) or background on the opening of Shenzhen’s Hongfa Temple (深圳弘法寺的前世今生). All this information has been going up over the past two years or so, and suggests the contours of Shenzhen’s growing online presence.

shenzhen government online

Many readers come to this site looking for resources to learn about Shenzhen. In fact, as part of its efforts to make government more transparent, the Municipality has uploaded many of the key documents, which can be downloaded. The government’s main site is 深圳政府在线. Two of the sites that I find useful are:

深圳市规划和国土资源委员会 (for urban plans, including city and district level)

深圳统计局 (for statistics)

Also, to get a sense of what’s happening closer to ground level, the District governments all have virtual portals, which are differently helpful.

The six districts are: 盐田罗湖福田南山龙岗、and 宝安. The new districts (defined) are 大鹏坪山龙华、and 光明.

And a map of the territory: