SZ8X80206//The Myriad Transformations//City on the Fill: One Small Step

You may be wondering, how much more literal a representation of a cultural ecology can we get than that of a prospector walking a grid on reclaimed land? Not many prospected on the rubble beneath Coastal City, circa 2006, but for a few brief years–after the fill had dried but before it had settled–the stretch of bay which would become Coastal City, the Nanshan Cultural Area, including the Shenzhen Bay Arena and Talent Park gave rise to a strange ecology of squatters, tree farmers, hi-tech garbage pickers, and children who set off firecrackers at the city’s edges. The images below, for example, were taken one overcast day in April 2006 at the former site of a squatting community and the future site of the Tencent building. That day, several men had driven onto the land fill in order to fly their planes.

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mandala: fat bird at the sz fringe

Dates: Dec 8 through 11

Time: 19:45

Venue: Shenzhen University Small Black Box Theatre (located at the back of the Student Center)

the vast unknown…

Another happy introduction. Good friend and musician, Robert Copeland composed the theme music for the 2011 Shenzhen International Fringe Festival. Yang Qian and I wrote the lyrics. Yes, the theme is sci-fi. Yes, that’s Fringe GaGa and 艺穗 DaDa to you. Sing along, here; lyrics below. Continue reading