handshake 302: this is what we do

A short video about “Of a Piece”, the project that Handshake 302 brought to the Shenzhen Art Museum, June 1-19, 2015.

thoughts on “of a piece”

My thoughts on “of a piece”. Like Zhang Kaiqin’s thoughts, this essay was originally published in Chinese and was written for our WeChat public forum.

最近在东湖的深圳美术馆举办的名为“温度”艺术展上,“握手302”策展团队受邀创作和展出了一个作品“还没定”。这个作品是以“握手302”一贯的创作策略,用社交的方式请所有愿意参与的朋友共同完成创作,我们用带来的废弃旧衣物,配以东门布料城清货的辅料与饰品,用手工编织缝制出心仪的布艺。这一次我们策展团队唯一给出的限制原则就是,不能碰工作台上还未制成的半成品,但对在墙壁上展示的已制成品,任何人任何时候都可以拿下来再加工。这听起来很像是“自由软件”的“开放源代码”的挪用。但是当有人这么问我们时,我们的回答通常是“不,这个作品不是你想的那样,也不是我想的那样。它还没定呢!” /For its recent invitational exhibition, ThermoMatter, the Shenzhen Art Museum commissioned Handshake 302 create the freeform quilt Of A Piece. Its fabrication incorporated Handshake 302’s commitment to bringing as many people as possible into the creative proccess. We used discarded clothing, accessories and trimmings from the Dongmen Fabric Market, and simple sewing tools to make individual “patches” for the quilt. The rules of engagement were simple: don’t touch a patch that is on the table, but any other patch, piece of clothing, and accessory could be picked up and used in a new patch, or could be sewn together to create larger sections. In a sense, the project was an exercise in “repurposing open access materials” or “fashion making”. However, when asked what the project was about, we simply answered, “That’s still up for grabs!” Continue reading

zhang kaiqin discusses “of a piece”

作品/Title:还没定/Of A Piece

材制/Materials: 布料、织物、配饰等 / Clothe, thread, ribbons, zippers, and lace
艺术家/Artist: 握手302 / Handshake 302
志愿者 / Volunteers:黄梓欣 王珺 张淼 / Huang Zixin, Wang Jun, Zhang Miao
摄影及剪辑/Videographer and editer:王一新 / Wang Yixin

创作人员(部分)/ Participants (partial list):
王也 操天然 林正丰 周怡婷 熊冬晴 刘夏星 方嘉瑜 文慧怡 呈 魏一一 王圣凯 李家 刘雨晴 陈晴如
陈晴琪 蒋明君 杨锐 王露杨 杨君如 王雁 杨传铸
黄东英 彭星悦 陈键濠 卫思思 孙晴 曹仪华 郑快
王子安 王美淇 黄仲有 刘佳 刘赫 胡然元 黄榕
韩心怡 朱乐桐 李籽萱 刘惠娜 李娜娜 胡欣怡 毛紫依
胡心婷 张皓南 尚子珺 韩翠翠 林炎 唐柳 游江
吴浩妍 罗淳仪 刘丽澄 刘馨语 张艺馨 朱少清 高丽
何心 李其木格 罗奕清 张梓斐 张斐然 谢文苇
张楚茵 王文 冯涂唯 涂明睿 文慧怡 吕若寒 /
Wang Ye, Cao Tianran, Lin Zhengfeng, Zhou Yiting, Xiong Dongqing, Liu Xiaxing, Fang Jiayu, Wen Hui, Yi Cheng, Wei Yiyi, Wang Shengkai, Li Jia, Liu Yuqing, Chen Qingru, Chen Qingqi, Jiang Mingjun,Yang Rui, Wang Luyang, Yang Junru, Wang Yan, Yang Chuanshou, Huang Dongying, Peng Xingyue, Chen Jianhao, Wei Sisi, Sun Qing, Cao Yihua, Zheng Kuai, Wang Zi’an, Wang Meiqi, Huang Zhongyou, Liu Jia, Liu He, Hu Ranyuan, huang Rong, Han Xinyi, Zhu Letong, Li Zixuan, Liu Huina, Li Nana, Hu Xinyi, Mao Ziyi, Hu Xinting, Zhang Haonan, Shang Zijun, Han Cuicui, Lin Yan, Tang Liu, You Jiang, Wu Haoyan, Luo Tingyi, Liu Lideng, Liu Xinyu, Zhang Yixin, Zhu Shaoqing, Gao Li, He Xin, Liqi Muge, Luo Yiqing, Zhang Zifei, Zhang Feiran, Xie Wenwei, Zhang Chuyin, Wang Wen, Feng Tuwei, Tu Mingrui, Wen Huiyi, Lv Ruohan

Thoughts on “of a piece” from Zhang Kaiqin, a founding member of Handshake 302. Continue reading

thermometer: opening impressions

The ThermoMatter (温度) opening was well attended, despite the distances–geographic, class, and interest–that separate the Shenzhen Art Museum from the rest of Shenzhen. There was a general conversation with participating artists after the opening ceremony and there seemed to be a consensus that this show was “local”; all artists had some connection to the city. There were 2nd generation participants, long-term immigrants, and projects that were explicitly about the city itself. In the Chinese 温度 can refer  to “temperature” as well as to actual and emotional warmth. All agreed that these meanings were fully on display.

General impressions from the opening:

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Snippet from “of a piece”, hands: