my white wall compulsions PDF!

We are here, we are here! The hardworking team at Handshake 302 has finished another PDF, this time introducing the project, My White Wall Compulsions. AND it’s bi-lingual. How cool is that?

《墙迫症/My White Wall Compulsions》


So yesterday evening at Handshake 302, we held our final independent salon for Zhang Kaiqin’s piece, “eyes”. Six projects now cover the room’s five walls, and so the exhibition “My White Wall Compulsions” is complete. We will be arranging an opening for and viewings of the exhibition over the next few weeks.

Yesterday’s conversation ranged from the meaning of a wall of eyes to the meaning of art, with a few rants along the way. The conversation, however, was respectful and mutually responsive. And this, I think, makes 302 a space of shared happiness. No small accomplishment, our grand ambitions, notwithstanding.

Images from the salon, below:

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floating desires

Desire ravages Baishizhou.

Last night at Handshake 302, Fu Honghong discussed her wall, “Floating Desires (漂浮的欲)”, the fifth installation of the series, My White Wall Compulsions (墙迫症). Fu Honghong is one of the few CZC Special Forces who lives in Baishizhou. She came to Shenzhen via a rural childhood and urban university, and now works as a graphic designer in neighboring Overseas Chinese Town. On her wall, Fu Honghong wanted to map Baishizhou in terms of the desires–to find a job, to meet a life partner, to buy a house and leave–that although immaterial, nevertheless are the reason that Baishizhou exists as it does. Continue reading

观察| 城中村,拆迁还是握手?

A visitor’s thoughts on the Handshake 302 project.

观察| 城中村,拆迁还是握手?.

handshake 302 update: my white wall compulsions, III/ threshold

This week while helping to install the next edition of “My White Wall Compulsions (墙迫症)”, Laura Belevica’s beautiful “Threshold (生死之门)”, I was struck by the beauty of collaboration within small, shared spaces. Indeed, our exploration of what can be done with the walls of an efficiency apartment has revealed unexpected vastness and implicit conversation. Continue reading