handshake 302 update: my white wall compulsions, III/ threshold

This week while helping to install the next edition of “My White Wall Compulsions (墙迫症)”, Laura Belevica’s beautiful “Threshold (生死之门)”, I was struck by the beauty of collaboration within small, shared spaces. Indeed, our exploration of what can be done with the walls of an efficiency apartment has revealed unexpected vastness and implicit conversation.

The first two compulsions–Liu He and Wu Dan’s “Floorplan (三房两厅302)” and Zheng Xili’s “OCD (强迫症)”–for example, contextualized the work-in-progres as a metaphor of ongoing habitation. Impressions of installation process, below. For those in the neighborhood, the third edition of “My White Wall Compulsions” will be held tonight at 7 p.m. You already know where we’ll be.

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