week in review: Sunday October 11 through Saturday October 17

I’ve decided to try posting weekly reviews; I’ve been busy, but missed the blog. I’m hoping that by scheduling a week in review post, I’ll reach a happy medium. Today, I’m publishing a short review, after today, I will be publishing the week in review on Friday mornings, Beijing standard time, which is conveniently the standard time for the whole country!

Bureaucratic hoop jumping:

Last week to extend my visa, I went to the police department. It is necessary to fill out the forms online, but those forms can only be accessed in the building. However, before I was permitted to enter my data, I had to show one of the officers that my documents were complete. They weren’t, so I went upstairs to make a photocopy. After I filled in the form, online, I took a picture of the screen so that an officer could print out my application by reading the registration number. This is necessary because it is impossible to enter more than one letter (A B C) in the line. Then I got my number and waited. Everything was okay, except that I had to bring my husband to the police department to fill our a guarantee letter that day, other wise I would have to do it again. We persevered and documents were submitted and accepted. Continue reading

shenzhen publications

In the hope that they may be useful, I am uploading five academic papers from the dark ages of Shenzhen studies. Be aware: much has changed, although much has not. In chronological order:

1999: Path Breaking(on how gendered nationalism facilitated the construction of SZ)
2001: Becoming Hong Kong (on how Shenzhen emerged through globalizing urbanization)
2006: Cultural Supplement (on political power as a cultural value in contemporary SZ)
2006: Fox Talk (on the emergence of neo-liberal urban identities in SZ)
2008: Vexed Foundations (on cultural continuity in SZ urban villages)

shenzhen history page

I have just finished a page that organizes 15 posts into 5 chapters which provide an overview of Shenzhen’s history. Chapters include:  a introduction Shenzhen’s “special” status, Urban Planning, Cultural Demographics, and the Shenzhen- Hong Kong border.I conclude with an assortment of conclusions by myself and others on this history.

back online

Back. And yes, coming into Hong Kong International Airport, I noticed the extensive advertising for the Universiade, more wonderfully, blue skies welcomed me. Limiting the number of cars in Shenzhen and shutting down factories makes the environment more beautiful. I am looking forward to walking the city over the next few days and enjoying clarity.

away from shenzhen

I will be offline from May 20 until Aug 20, when I will resume posting to Shenzhen Noted. For those visiting Shenzhen Noted for the first time, I hope the blog is helpful. Everyone else; may you have a wonderful summer or winter, depending on whether you find yourself north or south of the equator, respectively. And yes, my Canadian friends are responsible for my new sensitivity to diversity within variations of colonial English; just the other day, for example, I actually said “North America” when I meant “North America” – hee!

What is Shenzhen’s cultural history?

I have added a page of links to Noted posts that provide an introduction into debates about what constitutes SZ’s cultural history. The question interests because “Shenzhen lacks cultural history” has been a critique made by Chinese and Western visitors to the city. However, in the new post 30th anniversary era, constructing a history for SZ has become a key government initiative. Whether imperial or state history should constitute Shenzhen’s core history defines these debates. Of note, the more tradition (especially neo-confucianism) gains momentum in Shenzhen, the more pre-Deng cultural history is valorized as a source of civic identity.

Clicking either history or shenzhen identity in tag cloud on the right side of the screen will bring up many more posts in chronological order, such that you can track my changing interests.


I’ve been trying to access EastSouthWestNorth but even using my proxy, I’m blocked. Does anyone out there know how levels of censorship work here? And do you have a suggestion for how I might get through?

Thank you for your help.