voices from coronavirus@sz

A poem from a friend:


Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 7.51.12 PM


And two other posts:






Everything is the will of Heaven

7 million Hong Kongers weren’t allowed to wear breathing masks; as a result, 1.4 billion people put them on

1.4 billion people weren’t allowed to celebrate Christmas; as a result, 1.4 billion people couldn’t celebrate the Spring Festival

You closed Wuhan; as a result the world has closed China

8 people weren’t allowed to speak; as a result the entire country is speaking for them




Lantern Festival

In extraordinary times, sentient beings care, they share a purpose–to take care of each other. Even if I look around tonight and cannot see my hometown, nevertheless people still carry the lanterns that light our way.

So I look forward to that day, when we will walk these streets together, lovers will be together, meteors fill the sky, falling into our beds. And there will always be a day, when we will raise our lanterns and move through the chaos of the world, meeting again where the lanterns light the darkness.



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