shenzhen wetlands

You may not be aware that there is a wetlands conservation area in downtown Shenzhen. Tucked away between Window of the World, Baishizhou, and the Binhai Expressway, the wetlands boasts the last bit of original coastline of Shenzhen Bay. Indeed, once upon a time, it was a guarded border. The city uses this small piece of land as a living classroom, inviting limited numbers of people in to learn about conservation and local ecology.

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On October 20, Handshake 302 participated in an Urban Management Bureau (UMB “城管”) event that was held at the OCT Wetland. During the event, representatives from the UMB talked about the science of typhoons and why some trees fell down, while others remained standing. Handshake 302 organized three workshops, leading participants in different kinds of interaction with fallen trees. Group one ground up tree branches into mulch and made a small walking path. Group two painted branches and group three decorated a cluster of stumps.

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