children covered in garbage

Yesterday I participated in the 蓝海生态艺术巡游 (Make Our Seas Come BLUE) parade, which was organized by CULTaMAP‘s indomitable Tracy Lee. We marched from Statue Square to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum via Victoria Harbor. The march culminated a cross-border Hong Kong-Shenzhen pedagogical collaboration to draw attention to garbage in the oceans, children’s ability to speak to issues that will shape their future possibilities, and the responsibilities of their adults to facilitate uncomfortable conversations in safe environments.

For those convinced that cutting art programs saves money, please remember: Art education enabled these goals to be realized. Under the guidance of eco-arts teachers, Ricky Yeung and Carissa Welton, students designed floats, costumes, and handheld props that raised questions about human responsibility. They also had a chance to do research and debate what was happening and what they could do. The result? Big ideals, bright colors, and children covered in garbage.  And yes, despite the sunshine and smiles, the metaphor is brutally directs: we need to clean-up our act because already too many children (both human and animal) live in and off garbage.

Impressions from the parade, below:

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2 thoughts on “children covered in garbage

  1. Hi Mary Ann, I’m an admirer of your work, and congratulations on your new book – I am ordering a copy. I edited Re-Living the City, the recently released full catalogue of UABB 2015, which includes your work. I will be glad to send you a PDF of the pages in which your project is featured, and to have UABB send you a copy of the full book, if you would kindly send me your contact details…

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