the birth of territory and feminist geography, explained

The problem with an issue like APEC blue is that it reads as if an authoritarian government can clean up the skies to impress visiting dignities by inconveniencing working class Beijingers and not be bothered to actually work for sustainable options. As such, this whole cleanup/mess easily slips into cultural mudslinging as if we were not talking a global economic system in which environmental quality is one of the perks of status. In such a system it makes sense that what is a “right” in one part of the system, becomes a luxury and political tool in another. Nevertheless, today I’m feeling hopeful because when we do turn off our factories and stop driving, the world heals. We just need sustainable reasons to do so.

Anyway, tis a day of thinking about APEC blue and how difficult it is to meet each other when defining a global, progressive agenda. Thank you Juliet Fall for explaining the politicization and gendering of space. Videos, below:

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