what’s the good of public art…

…in an urban village?

This was the topic of the first Paper Crane Tea 2014.03.09. I’m posting the link because my VPN isn’t fast enough to tunnel video over or under the great firewall. Will upload next time I’m in Hong Kong. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “what’s the good of public art…

  1. It looks like youku videos don’t work with VPNs because they aren’t to work outside of China? Well the link works for me on the regular internet; in this instance the great firewall is preferable. I’ll go watch now.

    Public art in urban villages sounds very interesting, a topic dear to my heart. Thanks!

  2. Baishizhou! Nice place, urban village alright. But I would have liked to seen more, not just talk but take us through the sights.

    I live around Huang’gang cun myself, that other one…

    • Hi Ray, thank you for your interest in Handshake 302. The purpose of the Paper Crane Teas is to experience a handshake efficiency appartment and talk about a given topic from that perspective. On Sunday (March 30 #4), we’ll be discussing animal rights in urban spaces. You are welcome to join us. In addition to organizing these events, we have also mapped Baishizhou and noted several key landmarks. We give every visitor a map and encourage them to explore Baishizhou before or after an event.

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