the jasmine war

The latest Fat Bird production, The Jasmine War (茉莉战争) will go up next week at the Daqian Art Center, which is located in Eco-Park OCT (深圳华侨城生态圈广场大乾艺术中心). Tickets will be available online through the art center.

Impressions from rehearsal, below:

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2 thoughts on “the jasmine war

  1. hi your tune of papaerrs came pronto (mailing form HK is the key

    still no magazines..wonder if there is a way I can order another cause I am so disappointed not to have it in hand to see and show. and so far havent been able to view or download it

    also did you say there was going to be a payment for the article or was that ONLy if I was in Chne??/ anyway seems you yare leaving for your retreat yes? does that mean no blogs fora while? have a good sit Judith

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