spizzwinks in shenzhen

Just spent the past 2 and a half days tagging along with the Spizzwinks. They are all that. Energetic, generous with their smiles and attention, respectful, and talented. And yes, the Spizzwinks charmed and amazed three very different audiences at the Mass Arts Theater (群众艺术馆), Green Oasis School, and at the Dalang Culture Center (大浪文化馆), hopefully inspiring more people to sing and join choirs.

The hospitality of the Shenzhen hosts completed the exchange. In Shenzhen, friends arranged a large dumpling making banquet for the group, in addition to a delecious dim sum brunch before the GOS concert. In Dalang, we were taken to see a factory showroom, libraries that have been set up for workers and their families, as well as to meet the unicorn dance troupe. I was especially moved by the talent and passion of the Dalang Workers Youth Choir, whose members work during the day and practice two hours once a week. One of the troupe members works in a watch factory and handmade 17 watches, one for each Spizzwink.

This trip reminded me that successful cultural exchanges are everywhere the same: when we give all that we are, we all share in the joy.

Incomplete impressions, below.

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6 thoughts on “spizzwinks in shenzhen

  1. Thanks so much for all you have done to make this trip so special for the ‘Winks. I know my son has been thoroughly enjoying himself. My hope is that he paid close attention to the dumpling lesson so that we could have “show and tell” when he gets home! Again, thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into this trip.

    • Dear Betty,
      Dan is now ready to take on both meat and vegetarian and vegan dumplings! Prepare to feast.

  2. Spizz(?) Aunt Mary Ann – Thank you so much!!! for being such a generous host for the Winks while they are in Asia. I got a text from my son Drew R this morning and he said that he is having an absolutely amazing time and could not believe how nice everyone is and how gratelful and happy everyone was has been to have the Winks visit. Thank you for making this such a special trip for the Winks and allowing them to see the world up close. – Gary and Kelly Robinett

    • Dear Gary and Kelly,

      It was a wonderful to meet your Drew and take Korean heart photos together! I’m looking forward to dinner tomorrow night and more fun and fine dining.

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