impressions of dali

The aftermath of vacation: unpacking suitcase, downloading last of pictures, writing a to do list that starts tomorrow. Also thinking that I love a local story of how Guanyin transformed herself into an old Bai woman, who carried a rock by roping it to her head and then used it to stop an invading army. Yes!

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5 thoughts on “impressions of dali

    • Hi Nora Joy,

      Thanks for reading Noted! Dali is located in Southwest China, and abuts the southeastern border of Tibet. To get to Dali from Shenzhen, buy a plane ticket to Kunming (1.5 hours) and then take another plane from Kunming to Dali (40 minutes). Unfortunately these are separate flights and so you have to go through check-in again at Kunming, so you spend two or three hours in the new Kunming airport. However, if you don’t want to fly from Kunming to Dali, the bus trip is 5 hours. The point is its close enough for a long weekend, although I would recommend five days, rather than four. That said, Dali remains a backpacker hotspot and so Lonely Planet offer all sorts of travel suggestions.

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