Coaster Raid Biennale Retrospective

Last night, Gigi and Michael of Riptide Collective hosted the opening for Coaster Raid Shenzhen’s Biennale Retrospective. Witty and fresh the Retrospective will be up for the final week of the Biennale and is well worth a visit. Venue:

市民中心B区南门,多功能厅东侧, 地铁市民中心站B出口

Civic Center – East Hall – Area B South Gate, Subway: Civic Center Exit B

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conditions of possibility – grassroots discourse at the wutongshan arts festival

The title of this post shouts “academic theorization”, but in fact, the post itself is far less ambitious. I’m simply speculating about what conditions we need to put in place in order to cultivate cross cultural discourse in and about places with vexed histories, like Wutong Mountain, Shenzhen.

Creating models and forums for cross cultural discussions in and about places with vexed histories is difficult. On the one hand, most of us are not familiar with the values and concerns that inform the ethos of another people; indeed, even when we are relatively knowledgable about cross cultural differences, often we do not share our interlocutor’s priorities. On the other hand, cultural groups are not monolithic entities, but rather vexed by class, gender, and regional differences, creating what Bhaktin called “heteroglossia” – a situation in which context (including history and culture and politics and economy and one’s interlocutor) is more important in determining the meaning of an utterance than is the text.

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With the Wutongshan Arts Festival (梧桐山艺术节 – impressions above), organizers Gigi Leung and Michael Patte (founders of the riptide collective) aimed to generate conversations between village residents, local businesses (including Canyou), and artists who have moved there. The situation was clearly heteroglossic with both foreign and Chinese participants, who represented a range of different class backgrounds as well as different relationships to and with Wutong Mountain as well as Shenzhen. We came together to discuss future development in and of Wutong Mountain. Continue reading


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Wutong Arts Festival, Oct 15-16

Join riptide collective this weekend and participate in the Wutong Arts Festival. Michael and Gigi do wonderful work showcasing alternative voices. Details and directions, here.