milk theory

Recent limitations on the quantity of milk powder that Chinese citizens can purchase in Hong Kong and bring back to Shenzhen have given rise to “milk theory”. As with the satiric pronounciations of China in the previous post, the humor of milk theory turns on a pun. Here 奶 can mean wife, mother, milk, or breasts, depending on context.

Milk Theory:

1)      Second wives can be found anywhere, but you can only bring two cans of powdered milk. 2) The meaning of one country two systems, is one country two breasts.  The greastest distance in the world is between the child one holds and the milk powder on the other coast. 3) You have high quality milk powder, we have high quality second wives. The quality of milk powder is in inverse proportion to the number of second wives. 4) Previously, we knew it was against the law to carry white powder, but only recently have we found out its also against the law to carry milk powder. 5) Milk, is a problem the government can’t solve; housing is another problem the government can’t solve. However, the government does have the means to deal with dairies [rufang also puns with a woman’s chest]. 6. Those who created poisonous milk powder never did jail time. Those who sold poisonous milk powder never did jail time. But people who bought safe milk powder are going to jail.


1)  二奶到处可以找,奶粉只能带二罐。2)一国两制的意思,就是一国两奶。这个世界最远的距离,使孩子在怀里,奶粉却在对岸。3)你有优质奶粉,我有优质二奶。奶粉的质量,跟二奶的数量成反比。4)以前知道带白粉犯法,现在才知带奶粉也犯法。5)乳,是政府解决不了的问题;房,更是政府解决不了的问题。至于乳房,政府官员有办法解决。6)做毒奶粉的不坐牢,卖毒奶粉的不坐牢,买无毒奶粉的却坐牢。