baishizhou, January 2023

Photos from Baishizhou, Dec 31, 2023. Three notes: 1, the Baishizhou mural has been replaced with a Shahe mural, suggesting that the area’s rebranding is proceeding apace; 2, the covid regulation infrastructure was solid and expensive, even though the area was already being demolished, and; 3, there are still holdouts in the village, most closer to Shennan Road, however, the center area near Jiangnan Department store, where 302 used to be is difficult to reach because mostly razed and inside the current construction site.

Impressions of the walk, below.

2 thoughts on “baishizhou, January 2023

  1. This makes me sad. I lived in Baishizhou briefly in 2013. The place certainly had an identity. I particularly remember the stores that seemed to have several phone booths inside. I think it was for recent migrants to make phone calls home? Getting food there, meeting friends, avoiding occasional fights in the street. It was always an adventure. Now it’s gone, mowed over for another faceless high rise.

    • Hi Sky, good to hear from you. Yes, it is viscerally sad when governments and companies plow through and over communities for taxes and profit.

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