handshake 302@xiasha, update

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written. There are reasons and non reasons for my digital silence, but one of the more relevant to my life as a blogger has been Handshake’s move from Baishizhou to Xiasha. Even as the evictions in Baishizhou proceed, we have started a new project “Marquee (走马灯),” which explores the relationship between technology and daily life. We are curious about your first mobile phone experience, your favorite wearable device, and the products that embarrass you.

The inspiration for “Marquee” is everyday Shenzhen. Since the establishment of the SEZ 40 years ago, the city has become an important link for global technology creativity. Electronic economic activities such as manufacturing, design, invention, and consumption have structured the city’s development and its potential. Before 2000, the assembly manufacturing made Shenzhen the world’s electronics factory, producing speakers, CDs, flashlights and other products for the domestic and international markets. Since 2000, Shenzhen has become known as the “Silicon Valley of Hardware” and is home to Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi and other IT leaders.

Today, technology has shaped the daily life of the city on many levels. Thousands of electronics factories still produce all kinds of electronic products in Shenzhen. Huaqiangbei has become a world center for hardware innovation, attracting young inventors from all over the world. Everyday life has become inseparable from various apps. The new technology industry is affecting our life aesthetics, and even our understanding of “humanities.” What is this strange intimacy that we share with tech?

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