so what happens during a handshake residency?

Catherine Nakawesa visited Handshake 302 in July 2017 and has published her reflections on her experience. Don’t take our word for how much happens and can be experienced in Shenzhen, listen to hers! Read the serendipitous making of made in shenzhen.

2 thoughts on “so what happens during a handshake residency?

  1. Wanted to leave an appreciative comment to this artist but for some reason wordpress wouldn’t let me. So if possible please pass on to her my message.

    “So glad to read about your residency! Looking forward to see the next installment.”


    Judith 1-415-527-7365 my cell in the States til Jan 16

    Mary Ann I am doing segments of an Amtrak residency. Came cross country already. Will be going from LA to Seattle Jan 2. Love!

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