red earth, red river. yunan.

Visiting the Honghe Vineyard in Mi Le, Yunan, I am reminded how necessary a full sense life is; yes, it is beautiful here, but even more than visual, this is a beauty of open ears, nose, and mouth. Birds sing, flowers entice, spices and herbs tempt the tongue, and the breeze lightly touches open skin. Yet, in the middle of it all, my guide points to an “urban village.” The form has been generalized, something else that we have learned from Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Can there be meaningful rural life when urban consumption of the rural has pre-empted actual villages as the presumed mode of living, even here.

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One thought on “red earth, red river. yunan.

  1. As always love to see your photos. The winery photos reminded me of our visit to the Yatir Winery a year ago.

    You seem to be thriving. I am glad. Now that Gershon is in recovery I can turn to and resume my work. I have a month studio residency (I will be doing it in Israel) in April.

    Looking forward to playing in the studio and being out doors in the desert again. After a long winter in hospitals and traveling.

    Did you do Ithaca yet. My daughter Noa lives down town (100 w. Buffalo street. across from the Dewitt Mall. In a 1930’s apartment that looks like it comes out if the movie Blue Velvet.

    Blessings and peace with all you are doing.

    Love Judith 1-323-283-8886

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