what i think i saw (in delhi)

A week in Delhi, thinking about globalizing urbanization and its proliferating urbanisms with the wonderful team at the Centre for Policy Research and colleague Fu Na from Shenzhen Center for Design.  Currently, untangling so many thoughts about infrastructure, waste generation, generosity, desire and inequality, heat, color and spice, traveling impressions of china, gender, aggression, and the mental barbed wire necessary to construct “Delhi” out of a few days walking tour. This trip also has me noticing the stories that I notice, some documented, below.

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2 thoughts on “what i think i saw (in delhi)

  1. Shenzhen and Delhi are such contrasts!! While I’ve only been to Shenzhen for work, I used to live in Delhi and was back there last month. Look forward to hearing more bout your impressions and stories…

  2. Amazing. The pictures are amazing. The questions of “sorting out” are life long existential questions the answers which, in my mind, define our humanity.

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