thinking tech/ thinking shenzhen

Some links to some blogs that provide insights into the way technology shapes and is shaped by Shenzhen’s creative / shanzhai eco-system as well as insight into the organization of labor that has facilitated all this growth:

88 Bar which always helps me think about technology with Chinese characteristics.

Anna Greenspan’s website that includes links to her publications on technology in both China and India.

Digital China provides the scholarly antidote to chinaSMACK‘s addictive presentation of  the Chinese internet.

Ethnography Matters for great insights into how people think about big data (and how ethnography helps us do that thinking).

Factory Stories is just that, a website about working conditions in the Pearl River Delta.

Hacked Matter, one of the first Western research initiatives into Chinese maker spaces.

Institute for the Future has been delving into the techinological futures of human beings for at least a decade. IFTF researcher (and good friend), Lyn Jeffrey got me interested in the Shenzhen scene!

Silvia Lindtner’s website that includes downloadable PDFs of her wonderful papers on shanzhai production.

That’s What Xu Said provides occasional posts and analysis into what’s going on in Chinese social media.

Tricia Wang’s website is a trove of insight into digital China and connects you to all the great work she does.

There’s more out there. Please let me know so I can update my reading.

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