The Halfway There Band is looking for members

A Handshake 302 announcement from project curator Wu Dan:

All of us have studied art, music or dance, but halfway there we gave up on it, and now our pictures don’t look like they’re supposed to, our notes don’t chime like they should, and our feet– well, you know whose toes you’ve stepped on. We gave up on our art for all sorts of reasons (some of them real, most imagined). The expression in Mandarin is 半途而废, giving up halfway there.

And yet. Those mostly forgotten art and music and dance classes still resonate in our lives; we want to get back on track (so to speak).

Handshake 302 has decided to add music to our repetoire of community art projects. This time were looking for “halfway there” muscians ” who learned and quit an instrument, but are now ready to pick it up again and play in the band. We will have professionals help us with composition and practice, but the music we make will be our own.

So dust off your instrument and join us. We’re organizing a series of rehearsals and composition sessions, and then we’re hitting the road for several community performances. How cool is that?!

Once upon a time you studied an instrument, including voice, but haven’t picked it up for five years or more and really, really want to.

Band members
Unlimited; everyone is welcome.

Once the band is formed, Handshake 302 will arrange a rehearsal schedule and practice studio, as well as at least one public performance. Band members will be expected to rehearse on their off time and come to rehearsals prepared to contribute. How long the band stays together will depend on the will of its members; Handshake 302 believes in starting art projects that take on a life of their own!

Contact Handshake 302
Interested muscians should send us the following information:
1. Name
2. Your instrument and whether or not you can bring it with you
3. How long you studied your instrument
4. Your level of musical expertise (can you read music? have you performed with a band before? etc)

If you want to join, please contact me at Shenzhen Noted.

We will send you the rehearsal schedule once we’ve formed the band. The deadline for joining is August 21, 2015.

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