These past few days, rain has cleared Shenzhen skies and when the sun comes out, everything sparkles. Yesterday, I followed the rays to the Spring Cocoon, which has been opened for commercial use. The walk from Coastal City to the sports center was once landscaped to assert the SEZ’s green ambitions. However, the corridor is now under construction. In the east, another shopping mall and in the west, lest we have any doubts about the Municipality’s futuristic plans, China State Construction (中国建筑) has begun laying the foundations for the Aerospace Science and Technology Square. Impressions, below; past walk when the Cocoon was under construction, here.

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2 thoughts on “launching

  1. Nice pictures. The fact that construction work in Cocoon has commenced is something that inhabitants of the city should be glad of. This is because once the projects are completed, the new look of Shenzhen will be an attraction to local and foreign tourists alike.

    • Thank you for encouragement. I agree that a cup of coffee in the cocoon is quite spectacular.

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