connect the dots: kk through caiwuwei to songyuan

Walked a stretch of Old Shenzhen yesterday, winding along shaded boulevards past work unit housing, 90s upgrades, and remnants of Caiwuwei finally arriving at the KK 100. Should you wish to retrace my steps, head north through the Caiwuwei entrance just behind Shenzhen’s latest landmark.

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2 thoughts on “connect the dots: kk through caiwuwei to songyuan

  1. I’d recommend ambling about in Nantou; it has a few buildings that date from at least the mid-1800s when the British were discussing the fate of HK, and nearby is a pleasant park, zhongshan gongyuan. There are older alleyways and the demographics seem a bit aged as well, quite a change from much of the norm in the sez.

    • Dear Buildingmybento,

      Thank you for the recommendation. I enjoy Nantou. If you are interested, here’s the link to a paper I wrote on the area and its history. For more recent walks, tags history, Nantou, jiujie, bao’an, and xin’an will bring up assorted encounters with the areas past.

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