indie film premiere tonight

Feng Yu of Art de Vivre in Meilin (圆筒艺术空间) works to bring documentary and independent films to Shenzhen, organizing underground festivals. Tonight, Song and Moon will be premiered in a public venue. Director Wu Na is a Generation 80s ethnic Dong. She tells a story about coming of age in between Dong Village traditions and migration to Han cities to find work. So, come, view, and join Feng Yu’s efforts to bring alternative voices and images to Shenzhen screens.

14 Feb 8:00 pm

Jia Zhi Hua golden Carnival Center Cinema (嘉之华中心影城), 1/F Shenzhen Concert Hall, Behind the Civic Center, Futian

Song and Moon (行歌坐月) Drama / Color / Digital HD / Chinese and English Subtitles / 90 min / 2011 / China

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