Who’s in charge?

The online entry for Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin (许勤) reads: 深圳市委副书记,市政府市长、党组书记 (Shenzhen Standing Committee Vice Secretary, Municipal Government Mayor and Party Secretary). However, Xu Qin isn’t the highest ranking official in the city; that honor goes to 中共广东省委常委、深圳市委书记、深圳警备区党委第一书记 (Standing member of the Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the Shenzhen Standing Committee, and First Secretary of the Shenzhen Garrison Command) Wang Rong (王荣).

Here’s the curious moment du jour: to find an entry on Wang Rong, we have leave the Shenzhen Municipal Government website and head to either Baidu or the Central Government website. Also of interest, the Baidu link is more current than that of the Central Government, which hasn’t been updated since June 2009.

For a text message take on Shenzhen’s power structure, revisit Life Lessons.

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