Jilong Village ruins

In the ongoing rush to raze urban villages, vestiges of the actual old villages have suddenly assumed an almost mythic aura and handshakes seem classically urbane. The latest example? Remnants of Jilong Village, one of the four neighborhood/ villages that constitute Huanggang (the other three are Shangwei, Xiawei, and Huanggang New Villages) are currently being renovated in the shaded grove next to Huanggang Plaza and now flicker with ancient promise. As close as half a year ago, migrant workers rented these decaying row houses; now, visions of a Huanggang Xintiande dance in my head. A few pictures, below.

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6 thoughts on “Jilong Village ruins

    • Hi Donna, easy. To get to the Huanggang Village Archway (皇岗门楼), exit the Fumin subway station and walk north on Jintian Road (金田路). At the archway, go left and meander west in a more or less straight line to the Huanggang Plaza. Looking at the Ancestral Hall and small temple, Jilong Village is located to the left of the complex. A wall separates the village ruins from the plaza complex and so you walk around the wall and then through the small door that was recently built. The buildings are located behind the row of handshakes.

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