Photographing transformation

For those interested in the transformation of Shenzhen, the city has a wonderful assortment of documentary photographers, six of whom have been featured in the China Insights Exhibition. The impulse to document the city’s transformation is shared by many and seems, along with design, one of the primary forms of art in the city. Indeed, the popularity of documentary representation often seems a symptom of the velocity at which the city changes, as if, by documenting we might make sense of the change. Certainly, I document obsessively. Sites worth a visit:

Jia Yuchuan (贾玉川) made his name photographing Shenzhen’s transvestite culture.

Yu Haibo (余海波) has been photographing the city and its residents since 1989.

Zhang Xinmin (张新民) has been photographing migrant workers since 1988.

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