it’s time for more than chasing money

Yesterday, met with a group of young (and yes, most folks in Shenzhen are younger than I am) people, mostly Generation 80, but organized through and with a few from Generations 70 (and, sigh) 60. The point of the get-together was to talk about promoting vegetarianism and non-violent eating in Shenzhen. As it was a Chinese meeting, the first meeting was less about what can we do and more about can we do it together. I tend to forget this part of collaborating in China; make friends first, then anything is possible. American <i>moi</i> keeps evaluating whether or not the doing is interesting enough for a second meeting…

Anyway. The point is that the sense of the meeting was that Shenzhen is ripe for idealistic ways of living. No one, we agreed, wants only to live for money. Instead, we want to hope that the future will be better in all senses of the word and not just richer, in the most constraining sense of the word.

A good way to launch from tigers to rabbits. Hop hop.

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