revenge of the grandparents

Grandparents do the work of raising the next generation. Here’s a joke making the rounds. Go granny go!

“Good morning. . . .
At present we are not at home but, please leave a message after the beep………

beeeeeppp …
If you are one of our children, press 1 and then select an option from 1 to 8:
If you need us to stay with the grandchildren, press 1
If you want to borrow the car, press 2
If you want us to wash your clothes and do the ironing, press 3
If you want the grandchildren to sleep here tonight, press 4
If you want us to pick up the grandchildren at school, press 5
If you want us to prepare a meal for Sunday or to have it delivered to your home,
press 6
If you want to come to eat here, press 7
If you need money, press 8
If you are going to invite us to dinner, or, taking us to the theater, start talking,
we are listening !!!!!!!!!!!”

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