more gossip about daomei

Daomei, of the bagua fiasco had a part in “Eye”. And played it well. Daomei is a wonderful actor and sinks himself into roles with enviable enthusiasm.

One of Daomei’s college classmates works in Guangzhou. He heard from a friend that “Eye” was a hit and decided to drive to Shenzhen for the show. He told the director to arrange to have Daomei stand center stage during curtain call so that he could present Daomei with the biggest possible bouquet. All was arranged and Daomei took his bows center stage. However, as the other actors received bouquets and hugs, or went into the audience to give gifts to their parents, Classmate did not appear.

A restless, empty-handed Daomei called out, “Classmate, where’s my bouquet?”

Classmate then slunk on to stage and stage-whisphered explained, “Ai ya, Older brother Dao, I drove as fast as I could, but got stuck in traffic so I didn’t have a chance to buy the bouquet. I am truly, truly sorry.”

Daomei threatened to hit Classmate with a prop, the audience laughed, and Classmate took a bow. Then the two went off drinking. Classmate redeemed himself by picking up the tab.

One would think the story ended ingloriously here. Alas, no.

The next day during make-up, Daomei heard that Classmate had approached one of the actresses and said, “Lend me your bouquet.”

The actress said, “No, this is for my mother.”

Classmate responded with, “Mothers always understand. I need this for my girlfriend or she’ll be angry. Lend it to me and you can give it to your mom after curtain call. You know how girls care about mianzi (prestige face).”

Actress humphed and said, “你真是。。。”

“你真是。。。” literally means “You truly are…”, but in conversation is used to express distain, shock, and disbelief at how low someone will go. Yes, it can be said with affection, but it is affection laced with exasperation and (sometimes) contempt.

Ai, Daomei, with friends like these…

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