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have recently received the following message, both on phone and in email, so clearly it’s making the rounds. enjoy this take on national psychologies / international relations. note that the character “人” following a country (as in America people) signifies both people as individuals and people as a national group.

1、American power: I attack whoever I want (美國人的實力:想打誰,就打誰。)
2、Brittish power: I attack whoever America does (英國人的實力:美國打誰,我就打誰。)
3、French power: I attack whoever attacks me (法國人的實力:誰打我,我就打誰。)
4、Russian power: I attack whoever yells at me (俄羅斯的實力:誰罵我,我就打誰。)
5、Israeli power: I attack whoever might be thinking about attacking me (以色列的實力:誰心裡想打我,我就打誰。)
6、Japanese power: I have the US attack whoever is attacking me (日本人的實力:誰打我,我就讓美國打誰。)
7、Chinese power: I yell at whoever attacks me (中國人的實力:誰打我,我就罵誰.)
8、Taiwanese power: I have newspapers yell at whoever attacks me (台灣人的實力:誰打我,我就叫報紙罵誰。)
9、South Korean power: I join the US for military exercizes when I’m attacked (南韓人的實力:誰打我,我就和美國一塊演習。)
10、North Korean power: I attack South Korea whenever anyone displeases me (北朝鮮的實力:誰讓我心裡不痛快,我就打南韓。)

and yes, i am blogging by way of flickr. again.

and an fyi: the official schedule for the fringe festival will be available november 15.

3 thoughts on “more global fun

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  2. Which country has obtained territories from China in the last 30 years ? Russia, then USSR. What happened ? China handed over the land Russia desired gladly. So, China will hand over whatever is demanded when China is being hinted at being attacked.

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