Don’t worry about eating Chinese food…

Fat Bird tries to out-absurd society – the 2009 Shennong Project being a case in point – but, alas society has once again outflanked Fat Bird…

The 2009 Shennong Project plays with the idea that food-phobias are out of control in China. In response to the Sanlu milk powder incident, Fat Bird imagined a world in which food-phobia was the first indication of an evolutionary transformation of humanity. Accordingly, the Fat Bird Institute has set up tests for those afraid of China food to discover if they are “elementals”, harbingers of the future.

However, two weeks before Fat Bird will premiere “Shennong”, the Nanshan District Government opened the first “放心食品节 (safe food product festival)” on Dec 30, 2008. The Chinese opens itself to all kinds of interpretation. Fangxin usually means “stop worrying” or “no need to worry” so the festival is explicitly a “don’t worry anymore about eating food products” festival. Sponsors include the 深圳食品行业协会 (Shenzhen Food Products Federation).

How does the irony slip past unnoticed?!

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