just when you thought it was okay to think…

To believe or not to believe? China has a “Big White Earth God Shrine” corona test site. Is it performance art or is it an actual test site? After all, zero-Covid is based on science, not irrational commitment to a political policy, which in practice looks a lot like, well, in practice zero-Covid looks a lot like folk religion:

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small acts, big questions

While at Handshake 302, performance artist Dong Jie’s two interventions were simple and old fashioned efforts to reach out across space and time and connect with another human being. First, she wrote postcards and sent them to friends living outside Shenzhen, asking them to respond in five years time to see where the answers might end up. Second, before she left, she hid money in the apartment for the next resident to find or not, depending on their whim and luck.

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pointless inc at 302!

On Friday, May 7, the performance artist 坚果兄弟 (nut brothers) spoke at Handshake 302 about his recent piece, “30 Occupations”. 坚果兄弟 specializes in extended performances of absurd situations. He especially enjoys (and yes, the word is “enjoys”) creating pieces that blur the boundaries between art and everyday and thus highlight the delicate balance required to maintain plausible fictions such as “work is meaningful” or “art is special”. Thus, he tends to work with none artists in everyday spaces, where the “audience” that gathers may or may not realize it is a performance piece. Continue reading

performance art in shenzhen

Yesterday, Cai Qing hosted an afternoon of performance pieces in his OCAT studio. I’m sure others have commented on this, but performance art and weixin seem a match made in virtual heaven. Below, impressions of Fang Fang’s piece, “An Individual” in which she first proved her existence and then had others eulogize her. The response to her claims that she was a living human being was that no one doubted her existence, but they had no way of verifying the legality of her documents — hee! Meanwhile, the entire event was variously documented by over 1/2 the audience.

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