shekou nostalgia

More documentation of historic selectivity than anything else, the photographs below suggest the crafting of Shekou’s meaning in larger Shenzhen discourse; the time is money, efficiency is life billboard has been upgraded, even as one of the old centers of reform, the plaza around the Shekou Theater falls into disrepair, old streets seem strangely empty, graffiti arts paint on construction site walls, and land reclamation has me talking about where the old Dongjiaotou docks used to be.

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blooming despite

Generally, walls of some kind not only separate construction sites from the street, but also provide a space for particular kinds of public discourse on and about Shenzhen. On these walls, development firms announce the future building, private eyes advertise their services, and the rare graffiti artist paints a picture. Construction teams tend the walls around important projects more carefully than they would the walls around lesser projects. Workers regularly touch up these walls, projecting an image of neat, orderly, and respectful construction. Guangdong plants, however, have little regard for edges and flourish even at concrete foundations. Please view these inadvertent blooms at: