the new normal?

Shenzhen’s zero-Covid management system has been integrated into online maps of the city. Searching for “Shangsha Village” on my Gaode Map app (高德地图). On the map, three classes of lockdown have been clearly marked in a modified traffic light system. Red is for Locked down, no entry no exit (封 不进不出); Orange is for Control, only entries no exits (管 只进不出), and; Yellow is for Prevention a corona test is necessary for entries and exits (出入需核算).

When juxtaposed with the ‘bikini brief‘ image of the area south of Binhe Rd, this new management system has me thinking we’ve gone all fetish without consent and without the fun. Interestingly, the system doesn’t appear when I use my VPN to access Gaode. So, question du jour: What map app are you using to access Shangsha Village and is graduated management system information appearing?

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