Biked around Qianhai this morning. It reminded me of the early construction in Hi-Tech park, but on steroids. Not sure what I think about this aesthetic other than it photos better than it lives. It’s as if our cities are now 3D-printed renderings. No small food streets, no everyday life, but perhaps in three years (or so) we’ll be able to bike along the coast and take amazing pictures. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “so…qianhai

  1. I have been looking recently for the history of the High Tech Park in Shenzhen, any references or suggestion for where to look?

  2. Hi Mary Ann,
    This is Kathy from China Daily Hong Kong Edition.
    As we are going to having a new column for our newspaper weekly special pages GBA FOCUS, we sincerely hope to invite you as one of the first batch of guests of the new column for an online interview, sharing your amazing experience in Shenzhen and Hong Kong over the past 20 years and your observations and views on people in the GBA and the area’s future development.
    I failed to send some detailed information and invitation to your yahoo email. Please feel free contact me via email, if you have any questions. I am looking forward to your reply. Many thanks!

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