national recognition for handshake 302 “art sprouts” program

In 2016, Handshake 302 began a meaningful collaboration with the Longheu Girls’ School P+V Gallery. Through the “Art Sprouts” public art program, we aimed to provide high quality arts and creative education for the children of Dalang. For almost two years, we brought professional artists to an urban village in the outer districts in order to help migrant children develop the skills and imagination necessary to thrive in the creative economy.


We are proud to announce that this January, 2019, the 3rd China Design Exhibition & Public Art Thematic Exhibition included “Art Sprouts” as an example of high quality education in its section on “Image Dissemination.” This national level honor not only confirms the importance of arts education to cultivating design sensibility, but also the contribution of local arts groups to developing a comprehensive design ecology.

Handshake 302 would like to thank everyone who has supported our work. Without you, we would never have achieved so much.


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