The Baishizhou Jiada Printing Factory Flash Exhibition

I am translating Deng Shijie’s We Chat post of the Flash Exhibit he created at the Jiada Printing Factory in Baishizhou. It was one of several Labor Day events organized by the current Handshake 302 Artist-in-Residence, Lao Tu.

The place is 71 Shahe Road, Baishizhou, and it is the only remaining factory in the recently demolished industrial park. From the picture it seems that it was Building #8 in the Shahe Industrial Park.


At first I thought I couldn’t enter, but then who new on the third floor was a mother taking her kid to jijistu class?

探索阶段 (7)

I returned to the second floor, where I found the remains of the Jiada Printing Factory and the Haoda Weaving Company. I also learned that there was a window screen company here.

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I found some notebooks that had been used by the knitting company, and thought about archaeological methods. I smoked a cigarette and then went downstairs to purchase cloves and wallpaper. Roughly from 2 to 5 pm, I worked and then was joined by friends Old Zhang and Old Su. First we separated items such as fire extinguishers, electric fans, screens, cleaning materials, work notebooks, and product samples, before arranging them into exhibits. The metal pilings were actually hard to move. The result was a “flash exhibition.”

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