luohu, dusk: 2016.10.27

Luohu as we knew it is changing. The recent announcement that urban renewal compensation has made billionaires of Shuibei villagers, the decision to selectively preserve and redesign Hubei as a “historic” public park area, and ongoing renewal of Caiwuwei fang (坊) or “branches”–individually, each of these projects entails demolition, evictions, and rebuilding and restructuring of particular neighborhoods, but taken together these projects entail through revision of the Old Special Zone. And yes, we’ve been watching this happen all along, but enough of the earlier urban tecture remained that we could feel where we came from, as we moved between and through adjacent neighborhoods. These new projects signal something else.

Images from yesterday’s walk from the KK 100 building to Sungang Road, a journey that traverses mych of the land that once belonged to Caiwuwei. More practically, the walk is centered on Bao’an South Road, which was an important north-south corridor when Luohu was a manufacturing center and runs more or less parallel to the railway line. FYI, the announcements in the older work compounds warn residents that,

Recentlly, our District has seen unauthorized developers going into neighborhoods that have not been scheduled for renewal and beginning renewal work. Some real estate companies have opened renewal offices, hung propaganda banners, put up notifications and organized employees to go door to door to neigotiate relocation and resettlement compensation packages. Instances of violence against competators and  serious disruption of urban renewal order, which have upset District security.

Be warned: not everything that is old and crumbly will be demolished, not all who live here (even homeowners) are eligible for huge payouts.

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