shenzhen population, 2015

It’s official, at least 20 million people live in Shenzhen. According to Shenzhen Secreatary, Ma Xingrui, the city’s population (as of December 2015) stats were: population with Shenzhen hukou =3.67 million; population with long-term residency = 10.77 million, and; administrative population = 20 million.


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  1. Dear Mary Ann O’Donnell,

    Sorry for contacting you through here, but I couldn’t find an e-mail address on this website. My name is Ali Bal and I am following the Master’s program ‘Human Geography’ at the University of Amsterdam. In April and May I will be in Shenzhen working on my Master thesis, under the guidance of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the International New Town Institute (INTI). The topic of my thesis will be ‘The segregation of Muslim migrants: The case of Shenzhen, China’. I think your blog is really interesting but I couldn’t find a lot of information on your website about the Muslim population that is living in Shenzhen. Despite this, I thought that you, as an anthropologist living in Shenzhen, could give me some tips concerning my thesis. Do you for example know if there are any Muslim enclaves within the city?

    I hope to here from you and maybe we will meet in Shenzhen.

    With kind regards,

    Ali Bal

    • Hi Ali Bal, thank you for contacting me. To answer your questions: yes, many Muslims in Shenzhen. There are many shopkeepers, an enclave, and a mosque. The mosque serves both Chinese and foreign Muslims. There are foreign (mid-eastern, north African Indonesian, and Malaysian) Muslims who come to Shenzhen to purchase electronics. I will be in Shenzhen in April and May and would enjoy meeting you in person to learn about your research. Please contact me at

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